The theme of this year‘s exhibition builds on the recent publication of Byung-Chul Han essay “Vom verschwinden der Rituale” where the philosopher discusses societal and individual isolation processes caused by technical progress and the colonization of time. Increasing egocentrism and narcissistic authoritarianism are causing the urgent necessity to build spaces to explore new forms of shared life and social cohesion.

PANTHEON PHANTASMA DEPENdance, is a microcosm of artistic-experimental togetherness, located right in the underpath gallery space Gold+Beton under the “Ebertplatz”. In contrast to the object focussed main exhibition (which is based in an old fire station only 300 meters away) this venue relies on body based performances, physical- and emotional matters. At this location, interdisciplinary performance art is linked with the retrieve of ritual practices to explore new visionary narratives and socio-political discourses. Doing so Gold+Beton transforms for a week into a temporary territory for an experiential antithesis to normative instructions for action, contemporary production and consumer behavior.

The cultural program invites artists and performance makers from 12 different disciplines to explore the sphere of the ritual as a physical practice. The public will be actively involved in the programme through workshops and participatory actions. Through spoken word and poetry, dance and movement practice, short film screenings, sonic acts, music shows and reading salons, the gallery space and its urban surrounding will alter into a venue for transdisciplinary and participative performance art in the broadest sense. Performers* and audiences become inevitably the shaping factor for various social scenarios in space.

With a focus on the search for a redefinition of social coexistence in the public urban space of Cologne, Ebertplatz with its current socio-political situation is the ideal location for a one week show, dealing with the emergence of new narratives. The aim is to give space to non-binary realities and to explore other forms of community living to facilitate moments of collective dreaming of alternative futures.

T: Anna Maria Merkel

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