09. – 11.12.2022

Apophoreta are festive gifts that were raffled or distributed on special occasions in Roman households.

Martial wrote his Apophoreta in view of the Saturnalia, the main occasion for the distribution of such gifts. Not only at the banquet of Trimalchio of Petron but also outside the Saturnalia festival such gifts were raffled off. 

The stylish awarding of the gifts apparently included that they were announced by a short original poem (in Martial's case a two-liner). Martial distinguishes between gifts for the rich and for the poor, which are often presented alternately in the Apophoreta. In their quality and value they can differ considerably. For example, Martial poems both to a golden decorated drinking bowl and to drinking utensils made of clay. 

As a homeage to this ancient custom, we are hosting a waiting room full of present available for purchase off– and online! 


12. – 22.5.2022
Many-to-Many is a group of 9 female designers, Anne-Sophie Oberkrome, Clara Schweers, Delphine Lejeune, Hannah Kuhlmann, Jenna Kaes, Juliana Maurer, Kurina Sohn, Lisa Ertel & Tatjana Stürmer.

The collective of 9 female designers hold a residency as part of the exhibition “EAST to WEST” at Schloss Hollenegg.
Each of them have a different background within their own practice, a different approach in their own story but in a way, they all share similar interests.
As a collective, they aim to explore new approaches for an interdisciplinary exchange and a symbiotic design process. Many–to–Many's approach is to give space to female realities and to facilitate moments of collective dreaming that broaden our imagination and will lead us into alternative futures.

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