The second edition of BLOW SHOP will take place at Cologne's Off-Space 101PS from 22 to 24 April. BLOW SHOP is an independent, self-initiated stage that focuses on the presentation of collectible design by local designers. Limited edition objects and products whose functionality gives way to their aesthetics. The exhibited objects are priced and can be purchased during opening hours. The jointly organised format stems from the idea of creating a place for networking and positioning up-and-coming designers.
After the first edition in Düsseldorf in December 2021, the second BLOW SHOP will gather an extended list of participants from various disciplines ranging from fashion to jewellery to object design.

Charlotte Bombel, Clara Schweers, Du Ciel | Maria Sinkovskiy, Fritz Adamski, hap ceramics | Maxi Hoffmann, Malte van der Meyden, Lisa Scherebnenko, Moreno Schweikle, Studio Kuhlmann | Hannah Kuhlmann

CHARLOTTE BOMBEL @charlottebombel

Charlotte Bombel's design is characterised by a strong interest in science and the search for the emotional qualities of objects in our everyday lives. During her bachelor's degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven, she creates the floor lamp SCOPE, which imitates different times of the day and the influence of natural light on our activity through its natural colour gradient. At BLOW SHOP, she presents 'Arabesque': a contemporary interpretation of ornamental art nouveau elements incorporated into tech accessories. The handmade engraving contrasts with the industrial character of the accessory, opening up new points of reference for the user.


Clara Schweers was named winner of the Future Objects & Materials category of the Water Futures research programme at A/D/O in Brooklyn for her "Waters" series of glass objects that capture water from various places around the world and record the material traces of its evaporation. In addition to the human relationship to the environment, her artistic research design practice explores in depth the influence of digital languages. Schweers is currently completing her Master's in Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven and is part of the multidisciplinary group Many to Many.

DU CIEL | Maria Sinkovskiy @du__ciel

Maria Sinkovskiy's lingerie and swimwear label DU CIEL emphasises a clearly recognisable aesthetic, fine fabrics and a sense of timeless elegance. The brand identifies with clean, simple silhouettes. The minimalist designs are handmade with care. Du Ciel pays particular attention to sustainability, the highest quality standards and good working conditions.

FRITZ ADAMSKI @fritza_damski

With his utilitarian objects such as vases and bowls, Fritz Adamski dedicates himself to New Craft Object Design, which brings together technical and artistic production methods. Based on a study background in textile and clothing technology, his designs testify to an interest in clear geometric forms and surprising material plays. In the BLOW SHOP he presents clay vases with the surface texture of Styrofoam.

HAP CERAMICS | Maxi Hoffmann @hapceramics

Maxi Hoffmann produces candleholders, vases and tableware under the name hap ceramics. In her studies, Hoffmann specialised in product design and as the daughter of a master potter, she discovered the medium for herself in 2017. Her elegant hand-pottery designs subtly play with the tactility and materiality of clay as a medium.

MALTE VAN DER MEYDEN @maltevandermeyden

Malte van der Meyden is a conceptual designer whose practice is characterised by collaboration. Often in collaboration with artists such as caner teker, Lisa Klinger, Yugoexport LLC and Irena Haiduk, as well as labels such as Dr. Hauschka, he makes individual sculptural candles that are sold at Voo Store Berlin and E.R.D.E. Seoul, among others. In addition to his colourful wax objects, the graduate of the Peter Behrens School of Arts Düsseldorf works with metal. From this, for example, he makes jewel-studded aluminium caskets, which are also presented in the BLOW SHOP.

LISA SCHEREBNENKO @lisascherebnenko

Lisa Scherebnenko, a trained goldsmith, took over the traditional Orfèvre jewellery gallery in 2020. Her jewellery pieces are characterised by an experimental approach to classic precious materials, in which the traces of handcrafting often remain deliberately visible. Beyond rings, necklaces and ear jewellery, she adds a spatial dimension to the concept of jewellery with objects such as mobiles.

MORENO SCHWEIKLE @morenoschweikle

Moreno Schweikle's work explores the interface between sculpture, design and installation. The central motif is the confrontation with the ever-increasing influence of technology on everyday objects and the changing relationship between man and object as a result. His work is the result of a hybrid production that combines both handmade and industrial processes. Like Schweikle's 'Spring Coolers', which are shown in the fashion house's shops worldwide as part of Balenciaga's 'Art in Stores' project, the 'Oasis vases' are part of a project series that deals with water as a resource and its cultural relevance. The vases are now available in the BLOW SHOP.

STUDIO KUHLMANN | Hannah Kuhlmann @studiokuhlmann

Behind the name Studio Kuhlmann hides Hannah Kuhlmann, designer and curator from Cologne. She studied design at the Maastricht Art Academy and in her practice intuitively investigates the relationship between manner and everyday object. Using metal as a material, she produces poetic-conceptual works, including indoor fountains, special body mirrors, wall sculptures and lamps. She shows a series of stainless steel objects on which decorative ornaments made of TIG welds have been studied.

22. – 24.04.2022

22. – 24.04.2022

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