2K16 Future has Begun

Elixir of identity – bloody paradise, centre of the world, city of the sun* – the body.
Its forms, shapes and states transformed by nature, science and technology.
Who are we? Who are the others and who do we ally with?
The intimate body, turned into an imaginary space.
The body driven out of its world, losing its power of saving the self.
The »becoming« body, indeterminate, neutralised, floating, transformed,
in order to achieve various forms of life.

16.06.2016 – 01.07.2016

16.61.2016 6PM

“Rudeltiere” by Julia Haenni

Pilot Project Space
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Max Pietro Hoffmann


Lisa Franz


Michael Blutrich

There will be a time, after a sweeping impact of global warming, where cultural identities from today, have disappeared. As a consequence people got un-rooted and disconnected to their origin due to great escapes from heat-waves, wars on food and water recourses. Everything they were connected to, all memories and social identities, have became ir- relevant. In the search of identities and in the search of new groups the E-G-B-A apparatus will suggest
a manipulation of our physical identity – our face. By redesigning the facial look and by imitating one another, they will be able to define themselves in the seek of being part of a group.

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.

Michal Blutrich was born in the north of Israel. After growing up in Ramat Ishay she moved to Jerusa- lem attending Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, studying Industrial Design. Finishing in 2015, Michal moved with a scholarship of the Foundation Bau- haus Dessau to east Germany attending a residency program. Today Michal Blutrich lives in Berlin and establishes with her partner the product design studio Kami Blusch.

Mara Ploscaru

»Stuff« is a technology and it is also people, indivis- ibly fused.
You could not define it, one way or another, at any particular moment. It has no consciousness as you assume individuals must, nor does it have the insensible re- sponses of a tool — but properties of both and also neither. It is intelligent, responsive, compassionate, but it does not have an identity of its own, although it contains the fragments of many identities and is capable of creating individuals who could act and exist as ordinary people.*

The boundaries between nature and artifice are dissolving into an ocean of fragmented possibility. The species of the future are wildly indeterminate, neutralised, floating — evergrowing organisms with multiple extensions. »Yet to be the Other is to be multiple, without clear boundary, frayed, insubstantial. One is too few, but two are too many.«**

I attempt to create a future scenario by questioning ideas of life and identity, to create a world sur- rounded by multiple identities—
a becoming between multiplicities—becomings which create possibilities of body transformation,
in order to achieve various forms of life, such as becomingwoman, becominganimal, becoming- molecular, and becoming imperceptible. Starting with the smallest bacteria, parasites, to alienlike ‘intelligent’ lifeforms, climate aware and able to ma- nipulate their own (DNA) structure, resilient and able to cope with hostile mediums.

My educational background and work experience include a Bachelor in Visua Arts from Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest.I have expanded the field of photography as a medium of experimentation and intellectual inquiry. Interested in the interrelation- ships between impact of technology on consciousness, trying to speculate and recreate fictiona Exhibition, Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin, “Entre- preneur 4.0 Portraying Visions” Group exhibition, Würzburg. Technology, science, and the natural world, my work demonstrates a multidisciplinary practice, across different mediums,including photography and video to installation and object. I am inspired by topics linked to Posthumanist narrative, sciencefiction, the scenarios of the world we live in.

My work has been presented at, among others: “OFFM PUBLIC ART PANEL” Group Exhibition, Frankfurt, “Thinking Acting Reflecting”, Group Exhi- bition at SAP, Walldorf, “SPACES”, Group

1987* born in Romania, lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Anke Huyben

This is a project about my body and how I some- times am dissatisfied with it. To hide the parts of my body I feel insecure about I take certain postures to cover them up. But by assuming these postures I in fact draw attention to these body parts. The space between my breasts when I cross my arms, the space between my stomach and my crossed legs these opening in my closed postures are casted
in bronze.By wearing these acrylic objects I force myself in these comforting postures that, in contrary with their intention, emphasize my vulnerabilities. The video is a folluw up on an earlier project


By standing in these plaster tiles i stand in one of my insecure positions, with the focus on my feet.
2 small bodyparts that reveal so much about youre feeling by the way you place them. By standing in these tiles i’m placing myself back in these posi- tions. I become a statue of my insecure position, hoping to get some comfort out of it.

After being trained as a goldsmith entrepeneur i found out that the traditional way of making jewel- lery wasn’t the one i was interested in. Too neat and traditional.

After working for two years i started my time at the Art Academy from Maastricht.
For me personally it’s very strange to just wear a piece of adornment that has no link with the body in shape, size or material.

I envastigate en study the body with it’s acts of conduct, proceedings, gestures etc. to see what can make a jewellery.
I Hereby encouter issues. I dont solve them, i just visualize them.

studied Jewelry Design at Academie Beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht, lives and works in Rotterdam

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